Nicholas Winton the HÃ © ROE who saved 669 children from dying in the Holocaust has DECEASED


Nicholas Winton, named in 2003 the highest decoration awarded by the Queen of England, carried out an extraordinary humanitarian work: during the Second World War organized a rescue operation to save the lives of 669 Czech children from the Nazi death camps . He took them to Britain to keep them safe and created homes for them between 1938 and 1939. However, the details of his deed remained silent for more than 50 years, until by chance, in 1988, his wife Grete found a briefcase in the attic of his house, which contained a complete list of children and letters from his parents.

On the first day of July, at the age of 106, this man who was recognized last year with the Order of the White Lion in Prague and who was born in London, died in a German-Jewish family that changed his surname Wertheim to Winton. .

Many times we seek to do things waiting for the recognition of the world, however, this man never expected anything in return. This is a great lesson in humility through a very short and special video.


Wilton was called the British Schindler in allusion to the German actor Oscar Schindler, who saved more than a thousand Jews from death. He managed to overcome the bureaucratic barriers of Czechoslovakia and train hundreds of Jewish children by train from the busy city of Prague.

Sir Nicholas died on the anniversary of the departure of one of the trains that left Vienna in 1939 and carried the largest number of children: 241. In total, he organized eight trains along with other forms of transport, in addition to looking for British families willing to pay the current equivalent of one thousand 227 pesos for the care of these children in their homes. Today there are more than 5,000 Winton children, descendants of those whom Sir Nicholas helped to escape.

Irena Sendler (January 2021)