New York nurse makes the most gore cakes in the world; you do not want to eat them


She is Katherine Dey, a 30-year-old nurse who lives in New York and has a very special talent: she makes realistic cakes and pies with bloody motives. His creations are so amazing that they are turning viral on the Internet.

I am inspired by many things. I love the strange feeling that comes when something looks real but it is not. When a cake does not look particularly appetizing but tastes delicious. I like to make people feel conflicted when this happens. These themes that I choose are things that have always interested me, anatomy, fungi and portraits. I love portraits. Making a portrait of someone helps me really see it. I love the details.

Your cakes gore They are unique and terrifying. He started baking a few years ago, first they were trunks covered in mushrooms and over time he became more and more creative. Katherine says the hardest thing is to keep them from falling apart. This creative nurse loves to see the reactions of people: some are surprised and others get angry, although in the end, no matter how horrible the cake results, no one says no to a slice.

1. Katherine's baby eating a hand cake

2. Dead man

3. A skull without skin

4. Eyeball snacks

5. A human heart

6. Brain with spinal cord

7. Tzantza: voodoo heads

8. Child mummy

9. Dead puppy

10. Opossum run over

11. Dove decapitated

12. Sanguijuela

13. Roasted piglet

14. A lamb head

15. A delicious chocolate cockroach

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