New version of Snow White causes indignation: suggests that overweight is synonymous with ugliness


When the brothers Grimm wrote Snow White, never imagined the success it would have. This character has had different adaptations, the most famous one was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, the first feature film by the Disney company made in 1937.

In the original story he describes a beautiful and charming princess who meets a group of dwarves when she escapes from her evil stepmother, Queen Grimhilde, who has ordered her killed.

A singular adaptation

The new version of the story that is coming to theaters, is a funny comedy called Red shoes and the seven dwarfs, produced by the studios Locus Animation. The film shows the awkward truth about the young Snow White and her friends, the dwarves, who are, in fact, handsome gentlemen under a horrible spell and need to recover the red shoes to end the spell.

A negative promotion campaign

So far everything is fine, however, the official poster of the film has aroused great controversy due to the wrong message it conveys, and has annoyed many people. In it you can see two princesses, one thin and the other overweight, with the caption:

What would happen if Snow White was not beautiful and the 7 dwarfs were not short?

A not very pleasant message

The size model plus Tess Holliday, showed her discontent through her Twitter account and asked for an explanation. His comment got answers: some women mentioned that the movie Red shoes and the 7 dwarfs It was an animation for the children to believe that Snow White is not beautiful because she is fat or that her tall, thin version is much better than the short and plump one.

This comparison arouses the shock of many girls, who are against the unreal standards of female beauty.

It is not happy

Actress Cloë Moretz lent her voice to the main character and shared her annoyance at the controversial publicity:

I have analyzed the entire marketing campaign of Red shoes and I'm just as horrified and angry as everyone, this has not been approved by me or by anyone on my team. I want you to know that I sent my opinion to the producers of the film. I gave my voice to a beautiful script and I hope everyone can appreciate it. History transmits power to young women and had a great impact on me. I am sorry for the offense that may have caused, this is beyond my control.

The production regrets the unfortunate advertising campaign

One of the producers of the film, Sujin Hwang, has publicly apologized for having offended the women and assured that she will be removed immediately:

As a producer of the animated film Red Shoes and the 7 dwarfs, Locus Corporation you want to apologize for the first actions of our campaign marketing, since we are aware that it has created the opposite effect to the desired one. This advertising campaign has come to an end. Our film, a family comedy, carries a message aimed at changing the social prejudices related to the standards of physical beauty in society, emphasizing the importance of inner beauty. We appreciate and appreciate the constructive criticism that many have sent us. We regret any moment of discomfort that this advertising error may have caused to any of the artists or companies involved in the production or future distribution of our film, none of them has been involved in the creation or approval of the now suspended campaign.

If you like the original proposal, check out the movie trailer

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