New generation of women: the Alpha mothers

A new generation of women has emerged, capable of doing everything that man has done for decades as head of the family. We are in the era of Alpha Mother

An alpha mother is a woman between 35 and 49 years old who assumes the greatest domestic burden compared to the rest of the workers. It is characterized by having higher education, for being interested in the financial field, the automobile sector, the purchase of technological devices or home repairs.

The study of the Spanish company Mikroscopia reveals that 61 percent of these women decide to buy food and drinks, and 74 percent do the same with cleaning products for the home. Currently, 34.3 percent of the world's female population is Alpha Mother

These are some of the characteristics that make them Alpha:

1. They are professionals

They have a hierarchical job position. This makes them feel important, which is why they seek to overcome their professional and personal goals.

2. They pay special attention to their children

They are tolerant women, they dedicate enough time to their children and they are very strict in education, because they know the demands of working life. They encourage the idea and the need to be prepared.

3. They perform household chores

Although they work they clean the house, wash their clothes, go to the supermarket and cook healthy foods for their family. The basic tool for these women to make purchases is technology, since they have little time and the Internet speeds up household chores. Purchases of food on-line in Spain they have increased by 4.3 percent in the last year in the female sector.

4. Do work for men

They buy electronic devices, automobiles, repair a flat tire and even repairs to the home.

5. Plan

Organize in advance through objectives: weekly meals, purchases, household expenses, among others. According to the study, alpha mothers will have to promote one of the niches of online shopping in all areas but, particularly, in food and beverages, technology and financial products.

6. Eat healthy

They usually have a balanced and varied diet, include seasonal foods, organic products and are particularly interested in vitamins and supplements.

7. They are good administrators of finances

Your income is higher, so you must manage your money. Home and bank finances are your priority.

8. Take care of your beauty

The high consumption of anti-aging treatments is reflected in this female sector. They consider exfoliating, moisturizing, firming for the body and hair treatments basic.

9. Dress in fashion

The physical aspect leads them to look for clothing in trend. They are informed of the world of fashion.

10. Take control of the home

They are very cautious, so they tend to take the reins of the couple, children, home, work and their lives. That generates security.

11. They are satisfied with their life

Despite managing high degrees of stress, they feel full and satisfied with their family and work. They are your life engine.

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