Netflix announces the premiere of The Perfect Date; Noah Centineo will be the man of your dreams


After the great success of romantic movies like To all the boys I fell in love with Y Sierra Burgess is a loser, that undoubtedly made us sigh and want to see more of the attractive actor Noah Centineo, now Netflix has come back to life when announcing the new tape, The Perfect Date, that will feature Noah as a character with the most tender, romantic, fun and hot, all in one package.

And if you still do not get excited about the idea, you will share a screen next to our favorite Camila Mendes, and it seems that it will exceed all our expectations.

Noah Centineo is the perfect date

Noah plays Brooks Rattigan, a very intelligent high school student who does not have enough money to enter the school of his dreams. One day you will be presented with the opportunity to take Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano) to a dance in exchange for money and it is at that moment that she will realize that through false dates she can get enough to enroll in the school. And although money will not be a problem now because of his dating application, not everything will turn out as he planned and he will be involved in love affairs with Shelby (Camila Mendes) a girl who uses app to find your perfect partner.

The new Netflix production not only explores the fact of finding love; He also criticizes the constant desire to get money, social status and recognition of others.

When will our appointment be?

Laura Marano published this image in social networks together with Noah, confirming that April 12 will be the release of the film. So mark your calendars because nothing is missing to see this romantic story.

We already have a trailer

A few weeks ago the platform uploaded the film's advance to its YouTube channel. If you missed it, here we leave it:

It seems that we will see much more of Noah this year, because soon the second part of To all the boys I fell in love with. In addition, it will participate in the reboot of Charlie's Angels and is in negotiations to star in the next film of He-Man

Noah Centineo to star in Netflix's new film The Perfect Date (April 2021)