Negative family members must leave your life; do not feel guilty


Toxic relationships come in all shapes and sizes; They can occur between friends, couples or family members. Although they have taught us since childhood that family ties are unbreakable, sometimes the most toxic people are the closest and most loved.

It is not wrong to stay away from certain relatives for your own stability and security, because a family member can be more harmful than a friend or an acquaintance.

Detect your toxic family member

It is important that you attend to the signs that indicate when someone is negative, and although it will not be easy to move away, detecting them will be the first step that will take you to improve your mental health.

It is easy to identify when a person takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, because it causes a series of painful feelings such as confusion, obligation, betrayal, anger and guilt. If you find someone physically or emotionally violent, it's time to walk away without any guilt. Wounds do not heal if you stay close to your emotional predators, even when they are part of your family.

It's difficult but not impossible

Leaving a toxic family is not easy because, unconsciously, you share many of their patterns and attitudes towards life, but it is always possible to put emotional distance.

Goodbye to the guilt

If you decided to break a bond, do not feel bad; you do it for your own good and there is nothing better than worrying about your own health.

All loss needs to be recognized, it deals with pain without hiding it and most importantly: it learns to forgive. The behavior of others is not your fault, so do not feel guilty when you move away from those who do not bring love to your life.

When To Cut Toxic Family Members From Your Life (April 2021)