Moschino and Candy Crush team up to create the most delicious line of items


Moschino We have always emptied our portfolio with items that we never think we need, but which are really beautiful. From the bags inspired by McDonalds, covers Barbie for cell phones, even funny designs by Jeremy Scott, this brand has sold us designs that make us look fashionable and we can not be more proud. You guessed it, they will do it again.

After feeling a bit of nostalgia for seeing his old designs, Jeremy has decided to intervene again in the world of fashion, now he has crossed the digital world and has created a design inspired by your favorite candy game, Candy Crush Saga. Although without a doubt, it is no longer in its boom As in 2012, we can not deny that we are excited by this new combination that can be delicious.

Moschino + Candy Crush = perfect combination

If someone can make an old trend come back it's Moschino and that's what he's doing to create a collection inspired by the game. The new collection of summer items includes swimsuits for men and women, covers for iphone, and a limited edition backpack.

The presentation party was shocking

Naturally the launch was celebrated during the annual party that Jeremy Scott offers in Coachella (because, where else would it be?), Which was attended by artists like Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Charlie XCX, even the famous Kylie Jenner made a very brief appearance .

The prices are lovely

All items are now available in the online store of Moschino, their prices vary from $ 70 to $ 650. But beware: you need to buy them as soon as possible, because they will be for sale while stocks last.

This has been another great collaboration that Moschino has related perfectly with the culture pop. Although it is not a coincidence, since Scott has seen the profitability of an entertainment that, after its launch in 2012, was used by 149 million people and some 51 million people played a daily game. Therefore, although you will not enjoy playing this game, you will definitely love wearing it as a garment or accessory.