Monopoly launches a special version inspired by Sailor Moon and we need it!


If you are a fan of Sailor Moon this news will enchant you. Hasbro had the audacity to create a limited edition Monopoly, inspired by our favorite moon saviors.

The board game is totally based on the anime, includes boxes with the characters and representative scenes.

The game system does not vary, but in each box you will find some of the characters, in addition to their hidden secrets.

As if this were not enough, there are 28 property cards, 16 friendship cards and 16 love cards; personalized Sailor Moon money and chips with the shape of a deep mirror, a lunar chalice and even the cosmic heart. Although they will not give you superpowers to win, it will be exciting to have them in your hands.

Break the piggy bank and invest your savings in the best table game, because you can already find it online; In addition, it is the perfect pretext to meet with you crush and take out the lunar warrior you're carrying inside.

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