Moms should go on a holiday ALONE once a year: study


We know of the hard work that being a mother entails: being aware of the children, seeing their needs, taking them to school, taking care of them when they get sick These are some of the duties that can be extremely demanding since there is not a moment of the day without that the small ones are the priority, causing that many mothers do not have the necessary rest. Fortunately, many women take time to relax and leave the care of their little ones to the couple.

That is why, if you are a mom you have to know that the experts say that there is nothing better for your health than giving you a break from time to time away from your children and the duties of taking care of the family.

It's okay to take a breath

Dr. Nava Silton, professor of Psychology, commented that mothers often need a recharge of energy, and time alone will bring great benefits and time for themselves:

Motherhood can be very stressful, be it financial tensions, tensions of time; I just try to do a lot in a very short period of time, so I think it's really important that the mothers rejuvenate and refresh themselves.

That's why moms need a vacation away from their family, because they will remove all the negative charge, bad health and stress.

Wanting to get away from their children may sound strong for many, but the burden of being a mother is very intense and affects not only physical health but mental health. In addition, it will bring benefits to the children and to the couple, because mothers are the pillar of many families: if they are well, they will all be well.

Disconnect from everything

We understand that it is difficult to make the decision to venture alone, without your housemates, but you must do it, because according to Fabiana Cornejo, a specialist in psychiatry, there are more and more couples who decide to take vacations without children. While the familiar family holidays can be fun, they are not necessarily a real break for parents, so it is good to seek a break without children.

Take the rest you deserve

So, mothers, begin to take time for yourselves, dedicate yourself to rest and start right now to plan your vacations without company, so that you return home with a positive attitude and with the necessary energy to take care of everyone. Never forget that it is good to take a break.

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