Mom gives birth to a 6-kilogram baby; Internet does not give credit to the photos of this little girl

For many women, being pregnant is not always the simplest and most comfortable thing in the world, and more so if back pain is so bothersome that they can not sit, lie down or in any position for long, or if their legs swell constantly. and fatigue becomes extreme; but when they hold their baby and see him smile for the first time, they know that it was all worth it.

This feeling is well known to Chrissy Corbitt, who is the mother of four children. However, her latest pregnancy has gone viral because of the beautiful baby she brought to the world.

She is Chrissy Corbitt, a proud mother

On May 15, Chrissy became a mother for the fourth time, when she gave birth to her daughter Carleigh, who literally turned out to be a huge joy.

The stork took her by surprise

When the doctor was helping her out, I began to hear laughter and murmurs in the operating room.

His daughter was not as small as they thought

They were doing accounts; When they showed it to me and they told me that it weighed six kilos, I could not believe it.

The doctors did not believe what they saw

It did not look like they had taken a little girl out of my belly. Carleigh weighed six kilos at birth. That's almost double what a newborn usually weighs!

Chrissy and her husband had to ask for help

We have contacted Pampers Y Huggies to help us, because everything we had prepared is small. Nothing comes in.

Nothing they planned came out as they imagined

Use stage three diapers. The clothes we put on are for nine-month-old babies. It's huge.

Still, they are a family full of love

Despite the size of Carleigh, Chrissy had no problem giving birth to her daughter by natural birth. The little one is in perfect condition and both have won the love of the Internet.

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