Modern Family actress denies possible anorexia; this is the reason for your weight loss


It is true that many celebrities do the impossible to show off a slender and sculptural figure, to the point of falling into extremes putting their lives at risk. Sarah Hyland, 26, and famous for her participation in the hit series Modern Family, has recently been accused of promoting anorexia and many are concerned about its extreme thinness.

Sarah has denied these rumors and published in her account Twitter a message to give an answer to all those who accuse her of suffering this terrible eating disorder. The actress made it clear that she has suffered some health problems that have led her to spend a lot of time in bed and as a result of this she has had a considerable loss of muscle tone.

A difficult time

This has been a year with many physical changes, I admit, but I have been told that I can not exercise, which for me is something very annoying I know my face looks sucked, but it is because of the medications that are saving my life.

The young woman has made it very clear that her weight loss is not due to an unhealthy diet, but to her health:

My circumstances have put me in a situation where I have no control over how my body is. Believe me if I tell you that I am not fan to be so thin

It does not allow anything to affect it

Against criticism, the star of Modern Family He wanted to make it clear that he does not suffer from any type of disorder:

It is not PhotoshopThis is how my legs and arms are. I write this because I have been accused of promoting anorexia and I want young women to know that this is not my intention.

Although he has not specified what the real reason is and has asked everyone to respect his privacy, he is known to have fought against renal dysplasia and in 2012, he underwent a kidney transplant donated by his father.

He knows he will succeed

I'm worried about my appearance at the moment, it's never fun to look in the mirror and see that your hard work in the gym has faded, or have arm-sized legs.

In spite of everything, the girl has a positive attitude towards the disease and knows that she will be able to get ahead:

I do not let other people's comments alter any part of me. Love and being positive is what we need most. Especially at a time like this.

'Modern Family' Actress Denies Eating Disorder (September 2020)