Model with Down Syndrome WILL PARADE in the New York FASHION week


You'll remember that here at PinkMyRide we show you the story of how Madeline Stuart, the Australian model with Down syndrome, got her first modeling contract. Now, this beautiful and talented young woman has announced that she will be parading on the catwalks of fashion week in New York with the company MODA, in association with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, this coming fall. Stuart will be the second model with Down syndrome in history to participate in the event, after Jamie Brewer, actress.

Madeline has been working with the EverMaya bags company and will become the face of the new line of handbags that will go on sale soon, all named in her honor. In an interview for the magazine Cosmopolitan, her mother Rosanne spoke about how her daughter's modeling is changing people's perception of intellectual disabilities and the impact Madeline is having on the world.

Modeling is fun and all, but in reality it is the link to carry the message. I think she has done it also because it's not just about us, it's about the struggle of people who are different and need to be loved.

Madeline got her first contract earlier this year with the Manifesta agency

And then the great news came:

I would parade at Fashion Week in New York!

Her mother Rosanne shared on social networks:

There was no one with Down syndrome chasing this dream, and Madeline really chased him. She wanted this and worked hard to achieve it. He has done everything he can to get to this stage. Now his only job is to stand out for its charm.

The world is ready for Madeline

The world is ready to have someone like her under the spotlight. The world can be inclusive, there simply has not been anyone in a platform that could do it easily. [] Imagine what in 10 years society will be for people with disabilities. It will not be what it is today, everything will be normal. It will probably be great to live with someone who has a disability because more people will know that they care more about emotions than the material world. Everyone will want that friend to teach them what true love is.

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