Miss South Africa wore gloves during her visit to children with HIV; The Internet criticizes her harshly


Apparently a photo does not always say more than a thousand words, and there are times when an explanation is needed, especially if it involves social work activities. In this context, people must be extremely careful with what they want to convey, since by sharing their images they can be misinterpreted in social networks, just as Miss South Africa did when visiting an orphanage for children with HIV.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peter won the title of Miss South Africa 2017 last March, and since then she has not left altruistic work. Take advantage of any opportunity with the press to request help for the most needy, visit shelters and work hard on motor disability and HIV, issues that affect your country. His hard work has deserved the love and respect of all; however, his latest photograph has caused controversy and outrage.

She's Demi-Leigh, and she's trying to make the world a better place

Demile loves to help children, she has even declared herself for the health and well-being of children. In one of his last altruistic tasks, he visited an orphanage that houses HIV-positive children where he lived, talked and played with them, so he decided to share the emotional moment through his Instagram account. Unfortunately, her photograph did not cause the expected impact, as she was judged to wear gloves during her visit.

Your work has been affected due to a photograph

When her followers saw the photograph, they began to accuse her of being racist, rude and even called her a fool.

  • Dear Demi, the only ways in which HIV can be contracted are through unprotected sex, vertical transmission from mother to child or transmission through infected blood.
  • Do you think the syndrome can be spread through skin or breathing?
  • How silly trying to protect herself!

Why would Demi wear gloves?

The controversy over her photograph got bigger when she shared this video, since she is seen playing with the little ones without wearing gloves. Some speculated that he had removed them with the intention of stopping the comments.

Things are not always what they seem

Due to the commotion of his photo Demi was in the need to clarify the situation that bothered so many.

I just want to clarify something. All the volunteers on the site wore gloves because they told us it was the right thing to do while we were working with food and handed it out to small children. For me, the important thing about this story is that 300 children had a proper and hot meal, with or without gloves. So it saddens me a little that my intentions were misinterpreted and I can only apologize if I offended anyone.

He also lamented the fact that his gloves have caught the attention of the entire Internet much more than the help these children need. Despite her apology, Demi continues to be the target of criticism and ridicule, something that makes us question whether we have truly evolved as a society.

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