Minnie Mouse shoes: the heels that every Disney girl must step on


Many Disney fans will agree that it is never enough when it comes to purchasing items inspired by princesses or characters from this magical company. Well, it turns out that the Italian brand Oscar Tiye He understands it perfectly and has created some sneakers that will make you want a few pairs.

The high heels Minnie Mouse They are incredibly elegant, sandal type with a single strap and carry on the back the characteristic ears of the spoiled mouse, so that the ankles of those who wear them look charming. Check what we mean.

The perfect companion of a skirt

Of a pair of denim trousers

Or a look casual

Prices range from 450 dollars

Up to 700, depending on the style

They are available in stiletto

And in a slightly wider one for more comfort

The finishes are satin

With brightness

Or denim type

You can buy them on pages like Net-a-Porter


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To learn more about Oscar Tiye, check your page

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