Mind in crisis? 15 tips to get the sadness out of your life


Sadness is a feeling that invades people for various reasons, such as the loss of a loved one, the breakup with the couple, family problems, bad results. Sometimes it seems to come from nothing, and we have all felt sad at some time. Actually, it is something normal that happens when we perceive a series of events as negative: our brain reacts causing sadness.

It seems that at present, because of stress and worries, we are getting sadder, but today there are many more resources to get ahead.

1. Sleep well

Respecting the proper sleep time is healthy for our body and mind. If we do not sleep enough we will feel tired and upset, which produces more sensitivity and irritation.

2. Exercise

Exercising is one of the best options to forget sadness because your body produces endorphins that help improve your mood.

3. Socialize

Meeting with friends and relating with other people is the best thing to clear your mind and forget about sadness. Remember that relationships with others sustain our lives.

4. Set goals

Posing new challenges causes changes in the brain and neurons. When you think about how to achieve your goals, you distract your mind from what disturbs you.

5. Approach positive people

Surrounding yourself with pleasant people serves as a support to raise your self-esteem and change your mood. If necessary ask for a hug, this will make you feel very good.

6. Watch your diet

It might seem that food has nothing to do with sadness, but it is a factor that increases your energy and mood.

7. Write what you feel

An exercise that you can try is to write about your feelings on a sheet of paper and then break it into pieces. So you can recognize them and then get rid of them as you will with the sheet.

8. Occupy your mind

Find an activity that is to your liking and get distracted.

9. Desahógate

If you feel like crying, cry. Unburdening through tears leaves a sense of tranquility.

10. Seek professional help

If you often feel sad it is important to know the cause and find a solution. Consultation with a specialist: psychologist or psychiatrist, if you require medication; therapist or doctor you trust.

11. Take a course or workshop

Developing new skills is an excellent option to do what you like, relax and enjoy the moment.

12. Take care of your body

Give yourself time to take care, pamper and relax your body. There are different options to pay attention to our wonderful structure.

13. Pursue what makes you happy

14. Seeks to be in touch with nature

Go out to have fresh air and a little sun. Walk or take a 20 minute walk and you will see how your mind clears.

15. Plan pleasant activities

Organize your time to make leisure activities that are enjoyable for you, such as going on vacation, staying at home watching movies, reading a book, going out with friends, learning to play an instrument, living with your loved ones.

Source: Woman Today Wiki How

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