Millionaire asks for an assistant to travel around the world; a dream job


Have you ever felt tired of your work, that you despise yourself or simply prefer to do something different? So, if you're looking for another career or at least a change of scenery, this work You'll love it. And Matthew Lepre offers it, are you interested?

At just 26 years old, Matthew is looking for a personal assistant around the world to help him organize his busy schedule and, at the same time, accompany him to travel around the world, is not it the perfect job ?!

Who is Matthew Lepre?

The young person is a professional of the commerce that has worked as CEO of four companies and investor in other businesses of coaching, and constantly traveling to various destinations such as Australia, Japan, Dubai and the United States. He is basically in charge of keeping the organizations functioning and helping to promote new companies with which he works.

He did the search through a video

This is just an example of what you can enjoy if you apply for employment. In addition, he assures that he will pay an annual salary of 32 thousand euros (691 thousand Mexican pesos) for accompanying him to travel around the world and, if that were not enough, both travel and accommodation will be paid for by him. It is an opportunity that you can not miss.

What do you need to be your adventure companion?

You must be an excellent assistant, organize your day, take charge of your social networks and, obviously, be a marketing lover, because you have to contribute fresh ideas for your business. Maybe that's why he looks for a girl, because nobody like us to do more than one task at a time.

Obviously you must have your passport in order to travel around the world, and the person who applies must not forget to subscribe to your YouTube channel because, according to him, in this way you can get to know him better and adapt to his lifestyle. If you are interested in the offer, you just have to send your CV to your website: Ecom Warrior Academy.

A little more of Lepre's life

Also, in his free time it is influencer for he constantly uploads photographs of his travels and the dream luxuries to which he is accustomed. Only on Instagram has more than 160,000 followers, and in your YouTube account a little over 35,000. It seems that many people are interested in employment.

So if you want the job, it's always good to know a little more about the boss.

Matthew Lepre is Hiring for 'The Coolest Job in the World' | toofab (April 2021)