Millie Bobby Brown shares her experience of bullying


Millie Bobby Brown is 15 years old and, even at her young age, is already a successful person. Today she is known for having been one of the protagonists of Strangers Things, the series that was presented on Netflix; In addition, he also participated in Godzilla: the king of monsters. And yet, despite the fact that for many it may seem that she has had a dream life, the young star suffered bullying and anxiety.

It is noteworthy that the attacks were received after having risen to fame, which contradicts the logic in cases of other celebrities who were offended before they entered the category of celebrities. The actress who gave life to Eleven said in an interview that the harassment led him to change schools in England, the country where he lives. As a result of that he began to suffer anxiety crisis.

Once she became aware of the consequences of a harassment chapter such as hers, she decided to support others who live what she has lived and currently talks about it to prevent other children from being affected. who already have it, can deal with the situation.

In a fortunate way, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) named her Goodwill Ambassador and now, almost naturally, works in favor of raising awareness for a life without harassment, especially when on social networks an authentic battle is fought in this sense:

I have dealt with complicated situations both in real life and in social networks, which have been very heartbreaking. Actually, it hurts to read some of the comments that people have come to say.

I want to combat negativity in social networks, I have experienced it and it is like a disease. Negative hatred is what horrifies me, really.

Among the themes that the young actress shares with others of her age are the lack of education, safe places to play, knowing the consequences of violence and bullying, the use and abuse of social networks, as well as poverty.

Millie Bobby Brown Talks About her Cyberbullying Experience '' Stranger Things 3 '' (April 2021)