Millennial mothers raise happier and stronger children: study


Being a mom at any stage of life is complicated because it is something new, but each one has a unique value for your child.

Current mothers do not fear the comments of others regarding the upbringing of children; on the contrary, they are willing to change the way they see life and education. Thanks to technology, they have at their disposal answers and tools that help discard unpleasant facts, because the information that the internet gives us allows us to acquire knowledge for which we did not have the opportunity before.

Mom millennial

If you were born between the years 1980 and 1990 this title touches you. Being a modern mom or millennial it is a relatively new experience, this generation is not afraid to create single mothers or workers; Ignore negative comments is a basic tool for full and happy life.

A study conducted on about 150 American women born in that decade evaluated their habits. The sociologists of the Walton Family Foundation affirm that the children of each of them are more predisposed to a communication and high social interaction.

Open-minded children

According to the results, this generation of children will be more concerned with issues such as caring for animals, love of nature, the early onset of vegetarianism, as well as acceptance and liberalism towards other ethnic groups, not to mention the decrease in racism.

Even, it has returned to traditional practices such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping and carrying, and many others that years ago were left to do. The above in order to understand the children and spend quality time with them.

Full-time mom

A strong and capable woman is not afraid to say that she stays at home all day to take care of her son and take care of the home; nor that one that goes to work all day to generate income; much less the woman who alone can bring forward more than one, are multitasking. It is estimated that about 22 percent of mothers in the world are mothers, something like nine million women, according to Infobae.

In all times there have been people who, by system, criticize others although there is not a sufficient reason to do so. However, a mom millennial he does not have time to listen to negative comments or counterproductive advice, so he chooses his friends very well.


Another of the habits that the study showed is that they have profiles in at least three different social networks that help them share tips or experiences of certain actions, which is very appropriate when it comes to economizing and doing the most practical tasks.

The cell phone or laptop they became a key tool to organize from a project to the shopping list. They like to be informed, clear up any doubts and leave behind certain deep-rooted ideas. They are proud mothers of what they do and how they do it.

Break stereotypes

A regional study surveyed a thousand mothers and fathers in five Latin American countries, presented by the Latam Fest by ESOMAR (It gathers more than 130 collaborators from different countries), and determined that about 23 percent of modern mothers want children who value the role of women, against 12 percent of those who are over 40 years old, that is, , there are significant changes in parenting.

To have happy children you must be happy. Take time for yourself, your personal care and health. After all, someone follows your steps, so set the example.

RAISING CHARITABLE CHILDREN | Millennial Moms (April 2021)