Milla Jovovich shares the harrowing experience of her abortion


The events occurred in 2017, but because the state of Georgia, United States, recently passed the law prohibiting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, Milla Jovovich spoke of the heartbreaking situation that he experienced when losing the baby he expected.

Milla has two children, Ever of 11 and Dashiel of four years of age, with her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson In 2017 she was almost halfway through her pregnancy, when she was filming a film in Europe and found herself in need of an abortion for medical reasons.

Our rights as women to obtain safe abortions through experienced doctors are again at stake. Last Tuesday, Georgia's governor, Brian Kemp, enacted a draconian bill banning all abortions after six weeks, before most women realize they are pregnant, even in cases of rape or violence. incest.

Abortion is emotionally difficult for women, as to have to go through it in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. I myself went through an emergency abortion two years ago. I was four and a half months pregnant and I was in Eastern Europe. I went into preterm labor and they told me that I had to be awake throughout the procedure. It was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever experienced. I still have nightmares about it.

I was alone and helpless. When I think about the fact that women could face the new laws and have to resort to a clandestine abortion, my stomach churns.

I fell into the spiral of the worst depression of my life and had to work hard to find the way out. I took a while away from my career. I isolated myself for months and I had to be strong in front of my two great children. I started gardening, eating healthier and going to the gym daily because I did not want to take antidepressants unless I had tried the other alternatives. Thank God I found my way out of that personal hell without resorting to medication, but the memory of what I went through and what I lost will be with me until the day of my death.

Abortion is a nightmare at its best, no woman wants to go through that. But we have to fight to make sure that our rights and health are preserved. I never wanted to talk about this experience. But I can not remain silent when there is so much at stake.

He made it clear that he joins the pro-abortion campaign initiated by other Hollywood stars such as Busy Phillips and Jameela Jamil, who have also shared their stories.

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