Miley Cyrus revives Hannah Montana with an epic look change


It seems that 2019 is full of nostalgic memories and returns from our teenage idols. From the news that the Jonas Brothers would meet, most of us stopped doing what we were doing and quickly set out to get all our posters and discs out of the cupboards.

And now it's the turn of Miley Cyrus, who has surprised us with her new look. The singer took the celebration of the 13 years of the emission of the first chapter of Hannah Montana quite far, because it fulfilled our most desired dream, brought it back!

Is Hannah now punk?

How did you say that you said? The singer uploaded this photo of her new appearance to her Instagram account, saying that Hannah is now punk. Be that as it may, we could not be happier because he has returned.

While in the series Miley should wear a wig to become the teen idol, it seems that now wants to be always Hannah Montana, because she dyed her hair and has returned to show her long hair with the bangs so distinctive that made her famous in the world.

The best of two worlds

If we were already close to the emotional collapse, Miley has finished doing so by uploading a video on social networks in which she sings the famous intro of the series, The Best of Both World, making us remember the beautiful moments that we spent singing along with her the song in each episode.

In addition, he put another video of the song Hannah Montana from the group of hip hop Migos, showing his characteristic humor.

The networks go mad

There are many mixed feelings for all of us who live in the era Montana, so it is not surprising that people expressed their emotion in social networks.

What memories! Now let's spend the rest of the day listening to the best Hannah Montana songs.

Miley Cyrus Revives Hannah Montana With Epic Hair Makeover (April 2021)