Miley Cyrus celebrates 13 years of Hannah Montana with memes; The Internet is nostalgic


For a few weeks, Miley Cyrus is in mode remember, posting photos and videos of his adolescence. On Women's Day she showed us her best moments with Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. However, yesterday he resorted to his sense of humor and sarcasm to remind the great Hannah.

And it did not happen by chance, but because on March 24, 2006, the first episode of the series was released Hannah Montana, in which he shared credits with his father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Therefore, both the singer and he have celebrated the 13th anniversary of the iconic Disney character with a series of memes and photos that will give you just in nostalgia.

Happy anniversary, Hannah!

Hannah watching the VMAs of 2013.

Miley started her stories on Instagram with an image of Hannah scared to see her presentation at the 2013 VMA awards, in which she publicly parted from her past as a Disney girl when dancing (perreo style) with Robin Thicke.

Miley proved that Hannah is not her best friend

Hannah Montana ready to fight For the rights of homosexual people!

What are girls?

Miley took advantage of her memories of the past to teach little innocent Hannah some causes that are worth fighting for.

its celebration It was not as sweet as they expected

To end her little tribute, she shared some newspaper clippings from when she was the most persecuted girl by the paparazzi.

In the end, the celebration was not as sweet as many believed, since it was actually a short walk through the painful moments that she lived in her adolescence and that she surpassed thanks to the love of her family and her husband Liam Hemsworth.