Miley Cyrus broke into tears when playing Malibu for the first time at the Billboard Awards


Much has been said about Miley Cyrus' courageous decision to quit drugs, including her former Disney companion, Demi Lovato, who offered her support and was proud of the situation. Apparently, the love of Liam Hemsworth has returned the soul and the sweetness.

Yesterday, during the awards ceremony Billboard Music Awards, reappeared to dominate the stage and our emotions when interpreting his new theme Malibu. Now we love her more than ever.

He made the best presentation of the Show

Noah and Billy Ray Cyrus were in charge of announcing his presentation, in which he would perform his new live song for the first time.

Noah joked a little when he said: it's the first time that my sister is acting with pants on stage.

It impacted the whole world with its glamor

He reconquered his fans when presented with a outfit very chord: hat, top white with bare shoulders and shorts Texan of the same color.

Miley is back!

Cyrus left everyone shocked with his talent when he started singing Malibu, full of sounds country that invited us to believe that everything is possible.

However, this performance was the litmus test where he would verify his true change; Emotions invaded her. He went from happiness to tears, after remembering his stumbles and achievements, moving the whole world

Here's Miley's full performance at the awards Billboard Music Awards!

We definitely love her a little more

At the end of their presentation, social networks exploded with comments in favor of the artist, and how they would not do it if Cyrus is back.

Watch Miley Cyrus Tear Up While Singing 'Malibu' at 2017 Billboard Music Awards (September 2020)