Mexican youth win gold and silver at the European Women's Olympiad in Mathematics


There are two types of girls in the world: those who never learned the multiplication tables and those who know the book by heart Baldor's Algebra, such as Ana Paula Jiménez, Nuria Sydykova Méndez, Karla Rebeca Munguía Romero and Natalia del Carmen Jasso Vera, who participated in the European Women's Olympiad of Mathematics (EGMO).

The four girls of Mexican origin demonstrated their knowledge and passion for numbers, and obtained gold, silver, honorable mentions and the applause of an entire nation.

On April 7, the four young Mexicans named the name of Mexico when they won gold and silver in the Mathematics Olympiad.

The EGMO lasted six days in which, through mathematical problems, equations and calculations, the Aztecs competed against 160 girls of different nationalities and achieved the tenth place among 49 competing teams.

Ana Paula won the gold medal; Nuria and Karla Rebeca, silver; while Natalia del Carmen received an honorable mention for her performance.

When the news arrived in Mexico, various media and friends congratulated them and offered their unconditional support.

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