Mexican scientists create vaccine against allergies


Allergies spread more and more and although they are a nuisance, many people do not attend them due to ignorance and disinformation. Fortunately, the vaccine already exists.

Through personalized vaccines, allergies and asthma will be controlled as they contain the amounts of allergens needed to put aside the discomfort that these diseases entail.

Scientists from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico created vaccines with personalized substances that fight allergic asthma, to which only allergens are added (different from the current therapies) that cause the problem.

Lung function and weak immune system are the most common factors that develop from allergies, affecting 10 percent of Mexicans, mostly children and adolescents.

It is a desensitization therapy in which, depending on the situation of each person, the antigens are administered in a single mixture; With this we hope for the definitive cure.

By means of immunotherapy it is possible to modify the disease generating protective agents They will be responsible for stimulating the formation of antibodies and will not allow the cells to reach the symptomatic receptors to turn them into sneezing, irritated nose or other symptoms of hypersensitivity.

The director of the research, César Augusto Sandino Reyes López, said that after starting immunotherapy, the first evaluation will begin after six months; It is necessary that the doctor and the patient bring a feedback of the process so that it is effective.

Techniques of chromatography and immunochemistry are essential for the isolation of antigens and in this way they are able to identify the allergenic proteins of the pollens, determining the amino acid sequences and their sizes.

Reyes López commented that the results of the first treatments of allergic asthma could be evaluated at the end of 2020. Currently the allergy hospitals, General de México, Juárez de México, Pemex and Regional de Alta Especialidad de Oaxaca, apply the therapy to check that your results are guaranteed.

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