Menstrual extraction, the new trend that can take life


There is a large number of actions and behaviors that become trends and viralize in social networks, although some put life at risk.

Such is the case of a new fashion that female youth is taking up: menstrual extraction, a topic that has caused alert for how harmful it becomes for those who practice it. It is done with a domestic vacuum cleaner with the aim that the period lasts less time.

On Twitter the news caused controversy after a user reported that she has learned of cases of women who tried to end their menstruation using this appliance.

Girls Please stop using the vacuum handle to stop your period before. They will end up sucking much more than blood! There were two cases of this so far this week and both women had to be admitted to the emergency room. STOP!

Twinny, nurse.

This method has also attracted attention in the area of ​​medicine. Dr. Shazia Malik, a gynecologist at the Women and Children's Hospital of Portland, set her position:

It could damage the surface of the vagina and there is a risk of bleeding or infection. Imagine the germs on the end of the vacuum cleaner and the suction power. This can end with genital trauma or damage to the cervix.

This practice considered as without sense It can lead to serious health problems, so women are asked to under no circumstances try and allow menstrual bleeding to complete its natural process.

It should be noted that the first menstrual extraction instrument dates back to 1971 and is known as Del-EM, composed of a cannula and a syringe that sucked the contents of the uterus inside the woman. Although presumably it was to eliminate menstrual blood, it became popular as a way to perform home abortions. Two feminist activists, Lorraine Rothman and Carol Downer, are the ones who created it.

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