Men with daughters could be more long-lived: study


Having a daughter helps the man in his career, makes him a better husband and boss, and could even make him more long-lived. This is what the study on father-daughter relations of the Harvard Business School says.

So giving chocolates would be more beneficial than pure, since having an heiress will facilitate their understanding of the feminine point of view, is not it what everyone wants? At last understand women!

The experience of being a parent, whether a girl or a boy (and in the right circumstances), is one of the happiest moments a person can live. The presence of a being that depends completely on another to face life represents a daily motivation that can not easily be overcome. But according to the study, if the newly arrived baby is a girl, the father will intensify his state of expanded sensitivity that has come to his life.

During the study, recording devices were placed to analyze the interactions of the parents with their daughters and sons, which allowed to know that the dads of girls dedicate around 60 percent more attention to the girls than to the boys. Likewise, they spoke more about emotions such as sadness with them and sang songs to them; that is, they expressed their feelings more.

According to Phillip Hodson, a psychotherapist, a man has to learn a different script when he has a daughter. She considers that although parents can engage in physical power struggles with their sons, in the case of daughters they have to learn to negotiate with them.

For her part, Emma Citron, family psychologist, considers that when a man has a daughter he learns much more about what it means to be a woman, since that vulnerable little girl totally trusts him and makes him change his perspective and leave male norms with those that have been educated.

In addition, according to research published in the American Journal of Human Biology, men's life expectancy increases by an average of six months for each daughter they have, while having children did not make any difference. This may be because women are more attentive to take care of their parents in old age than men.

Another difference appreciated in parents with daughters was that male executives become more generous in salary with their workers and have less tendency to cut staff. Specifically, the University of Aalborg, Denmark, found that if the first child of a male head is a girl, the wage gap between men and women is reduced by 2.8 percent.

Parental decision-making can be influenced by the gender of their children, so that executives can be more assertive and even adopt socially responsible corporate policies more easily, or prefer more liberal and pro-equality initiatives. case of being political.

In return, if girls have a good relationship with their father, they will live healthier relationships with men throughout their lives, greater self-esteem and even well-being.

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