Meet Zappa, the dog identical to Sid from the Ice Age


If you thought that most of the characters in children's films are the product of an eccentric cartoonist's imagination, maybe you're a bit wrong because there are characters based on real life beings, like the cute and lazy Sid, from The ice Age.

That's right, this little friend has his double in real life and is an Italian greyhound that is causing a stir in Instagram, his name is Zappa, and he has known how to take advantage of his similarity with Sid, his owners Sadie and Rosalie Millen, they decided to share some photographs that immediately became viral. With its colorful tongue and elongated neck is one of the most quoted canine models of the moment.

1. He is Zappa and will surely captivate your heart

2. It's so cute and fun that you can not stop looking at it

3. Any outfit it feels good

4. The red color highlights your eccentric eyes

5. Even when he's shirtless, he's quite a gallant

6. Your friends are just as peculiar

7. He is a lover of selfies

8. Makes the best cosplay region of

9. Sleep more than 12 hours a day to preserve its beauty

10. But when waking up it's all a swirl of energy

11. It is identical to Sid

12. Always have a new adventure

13. Carry the whole attitude of a lazy

14. Know how to make girls fall in love with a look

15. That's why Sadie and we, we love it so much

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