Meet the most beloved rescue dogs in Mexico; They have saved more than 100 people


This is a tribute to the dog heroes who have not ceased to demonstrate their unconditional love to human beings and that after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Mexico City, Morelos, the State of Mexico, Puebla and Guerrero last 19 September, they provide their service in the valuable task of finding survivors.

Rescue dogs have saved more than 100 people in different places affected by the earthquake, in a noble work that has lasted more than 48 continuous hours, demonstrating once again why they are considered the best friend of man.

They work for love

Frida is a beautiful six-year-old female dog trained by the Mexican Navy and has caused a sensation on the Internet because she has managed to help 52 people so far. To that we must add his great work in the search for survivors in the fire that was recorded in the tower of Pemex, also in the landslides of Guatemala and the earthquake in Ecuador.

She is a heroine

Thanks to her tender face and her incredible love for humans, people who have been close to her have decided to thank her in some way for their effort, publishing images that have become a symbol of struggle.

The best team

Next to her are his incredible companions Eco, Evil and Titan, who have won the applause and respect of the Mexican people. They were also present during the rescue work in the devastated areas of Oaxaca.

The beautiful Titan

Titan is a beautiful dog from the Silao fire department who has also achieved great notoriety for his great effort.

A well-deserved break

Frida has been present at the most critical points of the City of Mexico, and she participated in the search and location of victims of Juchitl√°n, Oaxaca.

They are the heroes that Mexico needs

They have given their soul to be able to help those who need it, in exchange for a few caresses. Without a doubt, our hearts have been won.

A being full of light and hope

We can never finish thanking your courage and delivery.

Others are coming

Puppies trained for disasters have been sent by our brothers in Guatemala.

Many think that helping animals is wasting time

For this reason, associations responsible for animal welfare have raised protests so that we do not forget that they are defenseless and that it is our job to provide them with help as well.

People try to help

Given the tireless work that rescue dogs have had to do, their work tools, such as the boots that protect their paws from being injured, are being rapidly worn out, so that citizens, thinking of their well-being, have tried help.

Still a lot

They will not get tired until the last person alive is taken out of the rubble, so the material is still needed.

An emblem

Users of the networks have requested that the 500 peso bill, of the highest denomination in Mexico, wear the face of this beautiful dog as a tribute to her heroism.

Everyone deserves to be demure

The animals are more unprotected and they need someone to protect them. Rescuing them is not a waste of time, even many people consider them an important part of their family.

She has captivated us

One of the pictures that Mexicans will never forget, a dog that did everything in its paws to save people.

A beautiful angel

For that and a thousand other things, thanks to our four-legged heroes, because they do it out of pure love.

This is your mission

And nothing can stop them.