McDonalds launches clothing line inspired by the Big Mac; It's so cute that you'll want to eat it


If you thought that McDonalds I could only sell hamburgers, you're wrong, now launches your first line of clothes. The lovely items were created in a collaboration between the Ronald brand and Beams Design, as a tribute to celebrate the launch anniversary of the Big Mac, one of the most famous burgers of the fast food company, which appeared in 1968.

The line includes t-shirts, bags, hats and even cases for your cell phone, and they are being marketed by Rakuten, the Japanese online store. If you want an article you have to hurry, there are only 300 pieces available for everyone. These are literally the clothes and accessories you need.

1. Now you can take your favorite hamburger anywhere

2. Bag shaped

3. Or in a blouse to remember the year of its release

4. All the pieces are sold for 35 dollars

5. It seemed to you, right? and we do not talk about the hamburger

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