Mark Ruffalo just realized that Brie Larson appeared in If I had 30


The movie If I had 30 It has been our favorite since its premiere in 2004, and we really can not stop loving it because it has everything we like about a romantic tape: from a dance sequence with Thriller, the famous Michael Jackson song, a magical dream house and Mark Ruffalo as Jenna's sweet but hot love should be considered a work of art!

But there is a detail that we never noticed: Brie Larson, also known as Captain Marvel, appeared in the movie! Do not feel bad if you did not notice, and Ruffalo had no idea. Mark got a big surprise on the red carpet at the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame when he learned, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, that Larson had been his partner in If I had 30, delivering one of the best moments of the premiere.

She was one of the bad girls

The interview was iconic when the reporter asked him: did you know that Brie came out in If I had 30? . Ruffalo's reaction to seeing Larson's photograph 15 years ago was the most:

She was one of the bad girls! Oh, my God, that's amazing! Wow! I really did not know.

Do not worry, Mark, we did not know.

Are very similar

Another funny moment of the interview was when Sunrise Coigney, Ruffalo's wife, saw the photograph and said: they look a lot alike. The only thing her husband could answer was: it's her! . Nothing can overcome this moment.

Mark was the adorable Matt

In the film, Mark Ruffalo gave life to the adult version of Matt Flamhaff, the eternal love and unconditional friend of Jenna Ricks.

And Brie was one of Six o'clock

While Brie was part of the cast of Six o'clock, the popular girls of the school, Jenna was dying to be part, so it is not so crazy that Mark did not know this information, because they never shared a scene together.

Stop waiting and enjoy the fun moment

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