Manspreadring: female initiative that demands that men do not sit with their legs open


Surely it has happened to you once, or two or three? Sitting on public transport and not having enough space to rest your legs because the boy next to you occupies more space than it should.

This act is known as manspreading, for its English components, man (man) and spreading (extend). However, this has led to the boredom of some women who have declared against this common practice, and ask that the space of each individual within the metro or collective be respected.

The situation is quite delicate

Although it may seem absurd, it is really annoying, because it is invasive and uncomfortable for those next to it, and it is clear that the man who applies a manspreading, you are not interested in how much space you use with such comfort.

Madrid raises its voice

In Spain this seems to be a serious problem within the subway cars, so through a campaign of the Municipal Transport Company and the City of Madrid is to eradicate it, incorporating a new signal that indicates its prohibition.

Women claim their space

The initiative began thanks to the feminist organization Women in Fight, He opened a petition on the platform with the aim of ending this annoying practice.

In other cities the situation is more intense

Campaigns to avoid this problem in public transport have reached other cities in the world.

In 2014, the transport authority of the metropolitan area of ​​New York installed several notices on the subway that said: Friend, please avoid extending yourself, please. The city of Philadelphia did the same with a campaign under the motto: Friend, it's rude to sit like that. In Seattle, images of octopuses were placed on the wagons, with the tentacles extended over the seats.

The controversy has been unleashed

Some Twitter users have shared their experiences and of course the discussion around this has been inevitable, there are offended guys who say that this is not machismo, much less a lack of respect or education.

However, we must all learn to respect the space of our peers, to avoid situations, looks or uncomfortable or unnecessary comments.

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