Mandy Moore and Shane West from A Walk to Remember come together after 17 years!


Who does not remember being in a sleepover with their friends, talking about attractive guys while enjoying the sweetest tapes ever created. Well surely one of the films that never lacked in your repertoire was A walk to Remember, with which we experience that true love is found even in the most opposite person.

Now we can not with nostalgia and emotion, because after 17 years of filming the film the protagonists, Mandy Moore and Shane West, were reunited in the ceremony of honor that celebrated the 20-year career of the actress, who received one of the most important recognitions of the performance: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, and that was completely full of moments to remember.

In the film, Moore and West played two young teenagers who were incompatible but still manage to find their way into each other's arms, although it has a very moving and melancholy end. Both did such a magnificent job that the tape is one of the most iconic and pocket-sized that we should all see. And as if our commotion was not enough, West gave some beautiful words to Mandy.

The moving speech

During the period prior to the presentation of the star of the Walk of Fame, West went to the podium, talked about the excellent work of Mandy and the undoubted love that has the actress:

This movie was not only a wonderful experience, it gave me the opportunity to fall in love with this fantastic woman. Mandy, you are a real gem. I could not be more proud of you. I love you

Could it be more tender? If we had already fallen in love with his Landon character 17 years ago, now even more with this Shane so sentimental.

Moore thanks his friend

Moore did not stay behind dedicating a tender message in his speech of thanks:

The stars have always been something of ours. I am grateful, Shane West, for your kind words on this special day that I will never forget. It was a walk (of fame) to remember.

We are sure that no one could contain the tears after those words, it reminded us of sweet Jamie.

They recreated the famous photography

In the delivery decided to go crazy even more with this image. Mandy did not hesitate to upload it to their social networks, showing the comparison of both photos. Despite the years, both look very similar and showed that their mutual affection will never end.

Mandy Moore Surprises Shane West With an Invitation | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows (April 2021)