Man will have to compensate his ex-wife with 180 thousand USD

Many times, the phrase until death separates us does not apply to some couples for different reasons: infidelity, lack of compatibility or wanting to follow different paths after years in which the routine ends up predominating at home, so they decide to separate.

Such is the case of a couple in Argentina, but what is this relevant? There is a background: the Court of that country determined that the man must pay his ex-wife the amount of 180 thousand dollars for the divorce, about eight million Argentine pesos. This is due to the fact that while their relationship lasted they agreed that he would go out to the street to look for the sustenance of his home, while she would have to dedicate herself to the housework and to her family, causing that she left the university and her career of graduated in Economy.

With the separation she is going through a financial crisis, something that resulted in the Argentine authorities deciding the amount of compensation backed by the Civil and Commercial Code in its article 441, which includes:

The spouse to whom the divorce produces a manifest imbalance that means a worsening of his situation and whose proper cause is the marriage bond and its rupture is entitled to compensation.

The judge of Civil Court 92, María Victoria Famá, said that the economic dependence of women towards their husbands is one of the main triggers of subordination. It is important to note that the couple had 27 years of marriage and that the man was the one who decided to leave his wife, with 60 years of age, a little unfavorable scenario for her in the workplace.

The marriage ended in 2011 before the law, although it is only until now when the trial for financial compensation ended.

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