Maluma is wrong with geography data; The Internet does not forgive him


Maluma is the sexiest Latino boy we've seen in years; his charisma and talent have led him to get more than four million followers on Twitter. However, it does not stop generating controversy, after that in December they qualified him as macho for his song Four Babys, the world returns to catalog it in a negative way thanks to a tweet.

Apparently this message put into play their knowledge in geography, confusing two European countries. The message has generated thousands of reactions in favor and against the singer. What some do not know is that all this has a very logical answer or at least his publicist says so.

This tweet started the battle

Hello fans Belgians I will be performing at AFAS LIVE (Amsterdam) on September 28th. I would love for you to join me!

The reggaeton He warned when and where he would do a concert, it was not a bad idea until he started the message by addressing his fans in Belgium.

Although Belgium is in the same continent, it is a country different from Holland, and this error sparked a war of comments on Twitter.

Critics made comments

There were those who asked for help for Maluma

Others did not believe that this had a solution

Some gave their personal judgment

There was no lack of who refused to believe what was happening

Fortunately, their fans they came to the rescue

Girls from all over the world joined in their defense

The logical explanations were not lacking

There were even those who tried to make them think

Fortunately, everything has an answer

Actually the problem is not that the singer does not know about geography, in fact it was a misinterpretation of those who did not read well, or at least that's what his publicist, Jennifer Neiman, said.

It was all a confusion that has to do with an error of Maluma. The record company sent the post to our artist to put it in social media. Those who enter from Belgium see that it is a contest for them, but the others simply receive a message that can not be seen from their area.

Now that everything makes sense

We knew that Maluma could not fail us

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