Madeline, the famous girl with down syndrome, has just signed a modeling contract with a sports brand


Madeline Stuart, the brave and inspiring teenage girl with down syndrome whose history you can learn about here, has just signed her first major modeling contract. A sports brand of women's clothing that creates clothes of all shapes, sizes and types, has taken Maddy as one of its representatives.

It seems that she was made in heaven, after all, Madeline decided to become a model after she lost 20 kg to improve her health and lose weight.

On the contrary, the brand of sportswear Manifest, whose goal is to advertise clothes for women with all types of bodies said:

With everything Madeline is doing, we are so excited to have her as a representative. Just as Madeline is committed to expanding the ideas that people have about what a model can be, Manifesta is determined to show that clothing and the fashion industry does not have to be exclusive, a brand can work for women different sizes.

Madeline Stuart's dream was to become a professional model

She is aware that she has down syndrome

After she lost 20 kg she decided to start modeling

Maddy has worked hard to achieve her dream with the help of her mother

She really wants to change the way people discriminate against people with disabilities

The new model of Manifesta

She has become the new face of the sportswear brand for women in the United States.

People with down syndrome can do things at their own pace

Madeline says that her favorite part of modeling is clothes, and photographs in which she can smile a lot.

Give them an opportunity and you will be rewarded beyond the expectations you have about it

I think it's time for people to realize that people who have down syndrome can be sexy and beautiful

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