Love has no labels: this video erases all prejudices

Although the structure of the human skeleton does not know of differences, there are other structural structures that can only be perceived with the naked eye. In Santa Monica, California, dozens of people gathered on Valentine's Day and saw people interacting on a giant X-ray screen: playing, hugging, kissing. While the spectators were attentive, their expressions were captured with a video camera.

His surprise every time those behind the screen come to the front, which is part of the campaign video called Love has no labels (Love has no labels), made against discrimination and intolerance, has achieved millions of views. Two days after it was published, it already had 14 million reproductions.

The idea came from the Ad Council, an organization that carries out non-profit campaigns.

First of all, we are all human. It is time to embrace diversity. Leaving the labels aside, in the name of love, are the words that receive us on the website

This action was supported by eight organizations, including Human Rights Campaign and the Anti-Defamation League, which in their respective pages provide advice for the fight against harm in social life, work and school, they also offer a test for that readers become aware of their discriminatory attitudes.

Ad Council He has already done other campaigns, but none had been as successful as this one. We decided to carry it out because we thought it was very important to encourage people to examine their unconscious prejudices, said Lisa Sherman, the council's president, in an interview.

شوف الناس بقلبك في رمضان | Remove labels this Ramadan (January 2021)