Louis Vuitton creates the Masters collection, inspired by Impressionist paintings and works of art


For fashion designers, finding inspiration can be complicated in a world where supposedly everything has already been seen, for that reason, resorting to the great works of the most important artists in history, it was a great success for the luxury goods house Louis Vuitton.

Jeff Koons (famous for his sculptures in the form of metallic balloons and statues of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga), was responsible for designing this fabulous collection Masters, whose main mission is to make consumers have a new perspective on art.

Exquisite designs

The handbags are printed with the most renowned works by the painters Manet, Gauguin, Poussin, Boucher, Turner and Monet, all masters of the Impressionist current.

An invaluable selection

This is part of their collection of handbags, and of course they are expected to be the favorites of the season.

For lady and gentleman

You can also buy iPhone cases, wallets and cute key chains.

They are a visual delight

The pieces have the monogram of the maison and a key ring made by Koons in leather finishes.

Available at the end of October

Prices range between 395 and 3 thousand euros (between 464 and three thousand 500 dollars). If you make a huge amount of money, just remember that the signature Louis Vuitton It is the most valuable house in the world, synonymous with quality and guarantee.

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