Little 4 year old asks for Mrs. Doubtfire's theme party; the result is adorable


A mother wants her children to be happy at all times and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. That's why this mother did what was within her possibilities to celebrate her little boy's birthday exactly as he wanted.

For his four-year party, Evan Kowalski asked his mother Laura Kowalski, that the subject be his favorite movie character: Mrs. Doubtfire. Yes, even if you do not believe it, Evan is fan of Potato forever, one of the most acclaimed films of actor Robin Williams, released in 1993, and although at first they tried to dissuade him, nothing could change the child's opinion.

His mother was surprised with his request

For a couple of years, her mother decided that Evan should start watching the classics of cinema, so she put some of the best movies of all time, including one that she loved, Potato forever, but he never imagined that his son would be so fond of the character; so much that he did not hesitate to ask that his party be inspired by her.

The cake was amazing

Although at first his mother wanted to change his mind, asking him if he would not like a football-themed party, since it is a sport he loves, the boy knew exactly what he wanted.

My little son turns four soon and the party will be on May 13. He started playing soccer recently, so we thought he would like a party with that theme. Imagine my surprise when he not only did not want football or any other common theme for a party, he chose Esperen LA SEÃ? ORA DOUBTFIRE! .

Everything was related to the movie

As you can imagine, finding products for this theme was almost impossible, so she asked her nephew, who is a great artist, to help her make all the details. Even the cake was decorated with Mrs. Doubtfire's face, with one of her most remembered phrases and with the football field where she plays with the children in the film.

The best things were the small details

All the guests loved the decoration and applauded that Laura supported Evan's decision, even when it did not seem typical.

This reminds us of the little girl who wants to have a party with the emoji theme of the poop.

The guests were happy

There were fruit skewers; the memories, the bags of sweets and everything was personalized. People pounced on the cake and the memories to take pictures.

Thanks for coming dear

Parents can do anything, however crazy it may seem, just to make their children happy. So an unusual party can be one of the best gifts you could have given to little Evan.

A day that will remain in your memory

Undoubtedly, this Michigan family will be fondly remembered for this incredible gesture and the child will never forget how much fun it was to have a party with the theme of a film that in fact is about what a father is capable of doing for his children. children.

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