Letter to you, you were unfaithful and now you want to return to my side


Maybe for you our relationship was never as important as you made me believe. At the beginning everything was romance and passion, beautiful details that captivated me and slow kisses that melted me. I will never forget those beautiful sunsets at your side, looking at the clouds and trying to find shapes in them.

You and I holding hands against the world, that's what you made me think, that you would always be here. I believed that our relationship was solid, that it was based on sincerity and trust; I asked you a thousand times that if one day, for some reason, you decided to leave or if you found another person and your heart no longer belonged to me, you would let me know.

I told you that pain did not matter, the only thing I wanted was your happiness, I expected you to grow as a person and have what you longed for, but I also warned you that I could not bear a betrayal and that if you did, you would lose me forever.

Still you risked cheating and you did not care about the consequences, you mocked me and thought that I would never find out, but who plays with fire, ends up burning You lost a star, to pursue a small spark.

I was not nobody to tell you what you did with your life, after all, the only thing I could offer you was freedom, I always asked you to be you and not hide under any mask, but now, I can certainly tell you that you made the mistake most great of your existence.

You decided to be next to someone who did not know you, did not understand you and was not willing to give you the best of her, she was a woman who was just looking for fun. Soon you understood your mistake and now you come back for me.

I regret to inform you that on notice there is no deception, I can not and I do not want to return to your side; the best thing is that each one follows his path and we learn from our mistakes to try not to commit them again. You must understand that a diamond is not thrown to pick up a simple piece of coal; and I must not believe in the false promises of someone who is not willing to surrender completely.

Now I know what I'm looking for in a man: to be totally different from you.

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