Letter to that friend with whom it is no longer the same


In adolescence, friends represent a whole world, but when they reach adulthood, in some cases, they take a back seat.

Why do friends eventually move away? What is said to that friendship that was lost over time? The writer Jorge Luna produces a letter in which he wants to communicate with that friend with whom he is no longer the same.

When we met, we both knew that ours would be different. From the beginning we got along, maybe because of our way of being, because of the good vibes or because you know why. Everything pointed towards an eternal relationship, but friendships have more stages than the Tour of France and ours has remained somewhat suspended in the nth mountain port. That's why I write this, to try to redeem myself among some indelible memories that I wish we could extend.

At that time everything was easier if you fit in with someone; our biggest concern was not to make a school teacher angry and we just thought about going out to party, trying to sneak out with the rest every afternoon. There were excuses to see us, because our friendship was so strong and solid that it seemed that it would never end. We understood each other with only a glance and we never promised that we would be friends forever, but it was not necessary, we both knew it.

The problem also did not come with the passage to the university, because there the relationships are trying to strengthen more, seeking to combine plans, studies and friends. No, decadence without support comes later, already with very strong interests and a personality as marked as different, that separates you a little. With the maturity the differences usually appear, because people evolved and the bars that one seems funny to the other not so much, because the contrary musical tastes take you away in the parties and hobbies of the past like playing football or watching series all afternoon , they have now lost part of their grace, even if we never got bored then.

I've been thinking about it for a long time, because being a social neophyte wanting to meet new people has marked me, but I definitely think I've done something wrong. I never find a way to fix it and calls and messages are becoming less frequent and colder. I feel the need to explore ways in which you no longer enter but I can not help but miss how we laughed at any nonsense and it lasted for hours.

In more than ten years the discussions have been minimal and we have even survived some love dispute, but I have nothing to reproach you with. We have lost that magic, the spark of wanting to do everything together and dream of finding an apartment in some city on the other side of the world, to live adventures and continue building a life in common. They seem boyfriends, they had told us a hundred times. And that made us feel even more united, more indispensable.

Sometimes I feel that your friendship no longer gives me anything, that we are two people so different that it is impossible to rescue that magic from the past. But then I think about the bad times, those days of slump with work, a love crisis, hospital visits or family problems, whatever. And you are always there to remind me that not having projects in common does not have to distance us. We have let ourselves be carried away by occupations, because we have grown up, but that inner child must be kept and, poor thing, he needs friends to make him shine.

It's funny, but that's the way a human being is. When we have doubts about a friendship or we believe that nothing will ever be the same as before, it is best to remember those moments, look back and realize who supports us when we need it. That's why I believe in friendship as if it were a love relationship, because it's difficult to maintain it and everything does not work out of inertia and even if it was a crush, you have to work on it with passion.

Going back to being such friends should go into that list of purposes at all times. Because trying it will only bring us good things, sure. No need to live from the past to continue growing as friends and our future needs a leap into the void to consolidate, a leap that can start with a simple step like calling you on the phone. Do not doubt, I want to recover.

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