Letter to my future daughter; do not open it until you turn 18


Dear son, dear daughter: if you are reading this it is because you have just turned 18 years old. Wow! Time does fly by. And maybe it seems to me everything so soon because yesterday you still did not even exist in my life. Your father and I do not currently have children. I write this long before you are born. I'll date and sign an envelope that you can not open until you turn 18.

Surely now you ask yourself: why write a letter to someone who does not yet exist? And I know it sounds weird, but I really think about becoming a mother someday. And I'm also sure that motherhood will change me in some way, so I want to talk to you now that I'm young to tell you what it feels like to be this age.

And why did I choose these years to write to you? Because it will be a way to be able to speak to you in a personal way, in which both or both of us are going through the same thing. And I want to give you a little glimpse of what your mother was like before she became your mother, back in time at the time when I was just another human being looking for emotion, happiness, but confused with the world. Because life is confusing for everyone.

Every human being on the planet is united by one thing: we all try to make this mystery called life meaningful and purposeful. The funniest thing is that in preschool you never ask yourself your purpose in life, but as you grow up it seems that your duty is to tell the youngest ones what the purpose of their lives is. It does not make sense, right?

However, we are all deeply confused, and I ask you not to believe in who says to have all the answers. Never trust that, because what is good for them may not be the best for you, but it is a good sign. Life is not fun when you have all the answers.

So have fun, go out, make mistakes, be clumsy, learn from those mistakes and become less clumsy. That's the way life is and that's how you should take it. I lived a very captivating life, protecting myself from everything: I did not kiss anyone until I was 19 years old, I did not drink alcohol until I was 21 and an endless number of first truncated times that you do not need to read from your mom of the future. But you know well where I'm going.

Many parents today are afraid to be very honest with their children, and I refuse to be that way in the future. Like it or not, I am already writing this letter and will read it even if I later change my mind and do not want my children to know all my first mistakes.

So you should know: your mother had premarital sex, your mother had drunkenness and hangovers; Your mother committed many crimes among women. Your mother was a human being. He was wrong and he learned. And I'm not afraid to tear down any ideas you have today about me, at your 18 years old, when I'm sure you think you know me perfectly.

I hope none of this is great surprises about your mother's personality; I hope that right now you laugh and say: yes, this is sooo from my mom, because maybe, deep down, I hope that between you and me there is always a great communication and we are happy to tell us some secrets, NOT all, I clarify, Well, even though I'm still young, I do not believe that your mom can be your best friend. No, daughter / son, I was not born yesterday either.

Remember to be a friend who speaks well of his friends when he is with you. Remember to empathize with who has the same values ​​as you. If you can, try to remember not to do anything bad that your mom would not do, and I mean the current one and the twenty-something who writes this letter.

I love you today and always. Sincerely, your mother.

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