Letter from a woman who does not want to be a mother

When I say that I do not want to be a mother, there are people who are surprised and look at me with disbelief as if, as a woman, motherhood was the inevitable destination and I was challenging nature.

Some try to hide the surprise, but others can not help but question me: why not? , the train is going to happen to you, you will regret it, you will feel lonely, the children are a blessing

I do not want to have children just to fill a void and not feel alone, or to be afraid that I miss the train or social pressure or for a man to love me. When I have children, I want it to be because I feel full and ready. But that is not now.

Both want and not want to be a mother is acceptable, each person has their own reasons and all are valid as long as it is your own desire and not something imposed, it is not procreated only to procreate; behind motherhood there is a renunciation of your body and your time. It takes courage to give everything and that your life no longer belongs only to you.

Not only is it that I do not want to abandon what I have or what I am fighting, but I am aware that I still have a long way to go to give what I need to a person who will depend totally on me, well they say: not only love is lived.

I admire mothers and everything that involves being one, but as long as there is an iota of doubt in me, I do not want to be a mother.

This Daughter Reads a Thank You Letter to Her Single Mom | Iris (April 2021)