Letter for girls who want to be happy in their 20s without dying in the attempt


Becoming twenty and being a mature woman in these times is not easy. Many people have prejudices, see life different from you and try to tell you what to do and how to behave. They tell you how to dress, where to go and what to eat. Social networks influence almost all areas of life and your friends will always be more knowledgeable than you and will have a different opinion. It is at this stage that many people begin to live life to the fullest, to visit bars and drink until they lose consciousness; I have decided to break with these stigmas and start my life from scratch. This is when many experience trying to find themselves, to get tattooed, to try different things, etc.

But it's okay not to be like that. It is good to decide to be different, to wake up knowing that you have to wash dishes, that at some point you should go to the supermarket and do the shopping, look at the laundry basket and understand that it is your responsibility. Being different is not bad, listening to different music, trying to take care of your diet, exercise, start a savings account, work, leave your home and become aware of your actions, is something that a girl of twenty should see as a priority , in theory.

This is the perfect time to decide what to do with our life. It is the moment to lay the foundations, to set goals, to know what we can accomplish all our dreams with great effort and dedication. Dedicate some hours to reading, to travel. It is when we must learn to survive a broken heart, to leave the past behind. Start to take care of our health, to floss, learn to cook, to know yourself.

Do not listen to negative comments, do not try to imitate other people, be you, listen to yourself, discover what you want from you.

Maybe it's time you'll meet the love of your life and be prepared for a big change. Choose to spend time with your partner, have fun together, get to know each other. It's not bad if you decide not to party or leave every weekend with your friends. You can spend a quiet night at home, drinking a delicious glass of red wine, while watching your favorite movie.

Maybe many people do not understand you now, but you do not have to give them importance, try not to worry about what is not happening yet, look for your inspiration, your passion, let things happen without worrying about tomorrow. Leave the complexes aside and start to love yourself for what you are.

It is the perfect moment, you are the one who writes every page of your life, do not lend the pen to anyone and do not let anyone tell you that you behave like an older woman. What people do not know is that you can have fun in your own way.

The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old (September 2020)