Law passed to convert human remains into compost


Death is no longer a taboo and the idea of beyond It leads us to create solutions for the acceptance of our purpose in an enjoyable way, either with therapies associated with Thanatology, economic facilities for the corresponding preparations, legal advice for the care of our goods and the safekeeping of our remains.

However, some people prefer to concentrate on the effects that the inert body has on the planet because it emits considerable amounts of carbon. For that reason they create alternatives that go from turning a deceased into a tree through the use of special capsules, to take advantage of his ashes to make diamonds or vinyl records.

Following this line, the state of Washington, United States, has just approved the law of human compost, generating discussions when aiming at the conversion of corpses into compost.

According to the BBC, the ecological funerals could be a reality in the state of Washington since the bill was approved last week in the state Senate and only missing the approval of Governor Jay Inslee to be published in a legal manner in the Local Constitution

Although in many parts of the world it is forbidden to dispose of human remains and burying them in unauthorized places, these ecological funerals have as their objective that human remains become fertilizer to return to the earth.

Katrina Spade, promoter of this law and founder of the company Recompose, affirms that it can accelerate the natural process of human decomposition until transforming it into fertile fertilizer in only 30 days.

In addition, he points out that to maximize the process, the same steps must be followed as for composting, adding a mixture of wood chips and other biodegradable ingredients. This causes microbes and thermophilic bacteria to do their job and accelerate decomposition at a temperature of 55 ° C, guaranteeing the elimination of bacteria responsible for the spread of diseases.

Human composting bill passes senate (April 2021)