L.I.K.E., the legend will be the new remake of the novel Rebel and we have a cardiac arrest


The soap opera Rebel it became a worldwide phenomenon that marked a whole generation, and that is how to forget its characters, with whom more than one felt totally identified, like Mia Colucci, the girl who loved fashion, innocent and romantic; or Roberta Pardo, the rebel who hated social classes and who fought for their ideals. And the boys are not left behind, they made us sigh or someone can deny that he had a crush with Miguel or Diego.

But just when we thought that the novel and the musical group would remain forever in our memory, some producers of telenovelas had a great idea: they will bring back Rebel. Yes, as you read, by the hand of Pedro Damián, the same producer who made the first version of the novel; reach L.I.K.E., the legend, and we can not wait to know more details.

It's no the same, but it's equal

It's been 14 years since the Rebel project ended, but Pedro Damián decided it was time to bring him back with a new name and different protagonists.

L.I.K.E., the legend It will be the new Rebel

Although it is not the novel we remember, it has many similarities: the protagonists will wear a uniform similar to the Elite Way School, school in which the original story was developed. The new look will have a black and red checkered short dress, white blouse with black bow and fur jackets to give the protagonists a rebellious look

The recordings will have locations on the other side of the world

The telenovela will be recorded in Israel, Japan and in the very Elite Way School, so it is a direct blow to nostalgia.

The novel will arrive sooner than we expect

According to the producer Pedro Damián, the telenovela will premiere in the first days of September through the Canal de las Estrellas. Now the story will have a different approach, because the characters will have more real problems so that young people can feel more identified.

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