Kylie Jenner is fed up with Ariel Winters copying her outfits; Who steals the style to whom?

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has become a true icon of fashion and beauty, so it's only natural that many people want to look like her. Her style is so unique and innovative that other celebrities dare to follow her steps and even imitate her.

And although it is said that imitating another person is a great way to admire it, for Kylie Jenner this is the biggest proof that many lack their own style. Recently the businesswoman launched a series of accusations against the actress of the series Modern Family, Ariel Winters, for copying her style.

Kylie Jenner or Ariel Winter, who looks better?

A few months ago, the actress Modern Family underwent a change of look, which evidently has an inspiration in the businesswoman. However, in the last photographs that Ariel has shared on social networks, it only shows us that this is going further: clearly the actress is becoming a clone of Kylie.

Ariel has become a clone

Their curves, tattoos, style, haircuts More and more things they have in common!

Both have become the queens of Belfie

Thanks to the fact that both have a spectacular body, the stars of 19 years have already mastered the art of Belfie where they look derriere.

Who shows your cleavage better?

Both have two great attributes that do not hesitate to show on Instagram or the red carpet.

Twitter users do not agree with this theft

As expected, users of social networks have been filled with comments and criticism about who has the best style.

Many think it is a cosplay

As if both were a caricature.

Others think that imitation is not good

Maybe Ariel should think of a unique style that makes her look even more beautiful.

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