Korean artist turns your favorite pets into amazing tattoos


When you love your pet with madness it is impossible to imagine a moment of your life without that small extension of your personality, which receives you every day jumping with joy on all fours. They are the best friends of any girl obsessed with animals, and it is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to grow up with your dogs and cats. But sometimes our pets abandon us before their time. Then they leave an important place in our hearts and more than one girl would like to have her memory forever.

That's how Jiran, a South Korean artist, became famous on Instagram after tattooing his clients' pets in funny caricatures that express the whole personality of domestic animals. You will want a tattoo of your dog today!

Would you like a lifetime memory of your pet?

Meet Jiran

The pet tattoo master

His style has made him famous in Instagram

The simplicity of its stroke characterizes Jiran

The few details make your tattoos more fun

He returns your pet in a cute caricature

Each tattoo is full of joy

Its colors and textures distinguish it

And the characterization of each race is quite funny

Like this mysterious cat

Or this adorable cocker spaniel

Would you give a little bit of you to the memory of your pet?

This is too beautiful

Straight to the heart of the animal lover!

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