Korean artist creates beautiful tattoos inspired by famous paintings


The tattoo is already an art in itself, but there are times when it fuses with painting to create great works that we would all like on our skin.

The South Korean tattoo artist Zihee has a spectacular ability to mix these two artistic currents and embody the work of famous painters in history.

She is Zihee

Mix the paint with the tattoo

It does not matter if it's Gustav Klimt

Or Vincent van Gogh

His tattoos have nothing to ask of the original work

Despite the size, Zihee does not leave out any details

Also, they are very colorful

It is as if they were printed on the skin!

Imagine having a cubist painting by Pablo Picasso

Or an impressionist style of Monet

But even if you're not a fan of these painters

You can not deny that they look amazing

You'll even want to make yourself one with your best friend

But Zihee not only specializes in famous paintings

He loves to create his own colorful designs

To decorate the body of your clients

Who wants to go to South Korea for a tattoo?

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