Kissing your dog is more hygienic than kissing a man with a beard: study


It is a fact that men with beards are dominating the world and the hearts of hundreds of women. It is impossible not to sigh when we face this type of man, handsome and manly; his style of bad and disheveled boy is the dream of every girl. But maybe this male accessory is not as amazing as we thought.

A new study published by Daily Mail, made by the Swiss clinic Hirslanden, showed that kissing your dog is more hygienic than kissing a man with a beard, because it works like a sponge that carries more germs than your four-legged friend.

Our mascot is cleaner than our boyfriend

The researchers found that each beard sample was full of bacteria and that almost half had germs that can be dangerous for human health; on the contrary, several of the dogs analyzed showed lower levels of microbes. It seems that many men will be enraged with these claims.

Professor Andreas Gutzeit, from the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland, said that the fur of animals is cleaner than the human beard:

Based on these findings, dogs can be considered cleaner compared to bearded men.

The same investigation showed that men with beards between 18 and 76 years old had a very high microbial count, and that only seven of them carried bacteria that could put their health at risk; On the contrary, only 23 of 30 dogs had high counts, but not risky ones. You know, your pet is cleaner than any beard.

Not everything is lost

In a study conducted by Manuel Barbeito, a microbiologist from the US Navy, he made sure that the bacteria cling to the beard and personal hygiene does not make them leave, but fortunately the amount is considerably reduced.

In addition, Anthony Hilton, professor of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Aston University, confirmed that the presence of bacteria in the beard did not accumulate sufficient evidence to present a direct risk to health. So out of worry you can still kiss your bearded man.

Men with beards are more attractive

Despite the above results, another study from the University of Queensland, Australia, solved the mystery of whether men were more attractive to us with beards. For the analysis, technology was used to alter the photographs of several children to add facial hair. They then recruited 8,250 women who found the most manly men more attractive.

In short, we can not stop loving the bearded men.

News Mens beards have more bacteria than dog fu (April 2021)