Kim Kardashian begins to study Law; is the real life Elle Woods


There are several reasons why we love and hate Kim Kardashian: from his scandals, his style and his makeup; the strength with which he has faced psoriasis and his tenacity to defend women who have been victims of the mismanagement of the justice system in their country.

Precisely this last point is what has inspired the socialite to make a very important decision: study law.

As surprising as it may be, Kim has been preparing to be a lawyer for a year, but she is not studying law at any university but is an apprentice at a San Francisco law firm.

Although it sounds strange, this type of study is valid in the state of California. If a person spends four years as an apprentice or practitioner in a law firm, they obtain the same accreditation as those who study at a university.

However, Kim must provide his services 18 hours a week and pass the official examination of the degree to obtain his degree.

The news has not been taken in the best way by its haters, who say that he only wants to get the attention of the media. However, the real reason behind this decision is called Alice Marie Johnson.

Last year, Kim and attorney Jared Krushner succeeded in getting President Donald Trump to eliminate the sentence of Alice, an African-American woman who was sentenced to life in prison for a drug-related misdemeanor.

After this case, the celebrity was interested in helping prisoners with disproportionate sentences to their crimes; The problem is that he does not have the necessary academic preparation.

In addition, Kim confessed in an interview to the American edition of Vogue who decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Robert Kardashian, famous for, among other cases, having been the defender who achieved the freedom of O.J. Simpson in the most important trial of the 90s.

But it was not only the figure of her father that led her to love the world of laws, but to achieve Alice's freedom, and as she reaffirms herself:

That marked a before and after in me. Not in a million years did I think I was going to achieve something like that. I remember that day being in the Roosevelt room of the White House with a lot of powerful people, because I had been called to advise on how to change the pardon system, and realize that I wanted to learn more about this world.

I tried to explain why it seemed inhumane and unfair that there were people sentenced to life imprisonment. Of course, I also had to take a group of lawyers who could support me with legal information to support my opinion.

Kim K GIVING UP Fame For Legal Career! (April 2021)